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OC Ski Club Member Registration


Reminder: All team members must pay membership dues BEFORE team registrations are confirmed. Member dues are $35 plus $1.50 PayPal processing fee.

Registration for OC Ski Club Members:

  • To pay club dues for yourself, click on the “Pay-Now” button below. Pay with your credit card or debit from your bank account
  • To pay club dues for a person other than yourself a SEPARATE payment for each individual must be submitted via PayPal. For each person, click the “Pay Now” link below and within each payment UPDATE THE "Ship To" NAME AND ADDRESS FIELD on your Paypal transaction to reflect the name, address, etc. of the person for whom you are paying dues.
  • Please complete all required fields on the dues renewal form
  • You will need the following for the dues form: OC Ski Club membership number, team name, & Captain's name
  • Your team Captain will be given your membership card (allow 4-6 weeks)