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recruitment card

Membership Recruitment Incentive Program

The membership recruitment incentive program will continue!

Earn a $5 credit** towards your membership dues with each new applicant who signs up and provides an OC Referral Card with your name on its back. 
See the Membership table for more details and get your referral card(s) to share with people you know at work, school, socially, and yes, even relatives. 


  • limited to 7 referrals per year ($35)
  • Applicants and Members can participate in this program
  • Credit will be applied to next year’s  (2016 / 2017) dues.
  • Applicant must turn in completed card at the time of joining.
  • "Working" the line at the membership table will disqualify you from future referrals  (Yes, we see some people doing this!!!!)


See Membership table for more details and get your "2 x 3.5 inch card" (same size as a business card) to distributed, with you as the referring member!