OC Ski Club

OC Ski Club - Lottery Rules & Procedure

OC Ski Club - Lottery Rules & Procedure
Any alpine trip will go to the lottery system if the number of interested persons on the opening night of the trip outnumbers trip spots for that trip.

Lottery Example – Number of spots on a trip is 32. The trip leader and their roommate now make the number of available spots to 30.  The Trip Leader will sign in members in order of arrival to the sign-up desk on the first sign-up night.  Member should provide completed sign-up sheet at that time.  If the member does not have a completed sheet, provide a blank to them at this time.   The member can complete the sheet before the lottery or sign-up takes place. 

If there are more people than the number of spots, a lottery will take place.  Note: if only one member of a “room” is present, that person will be signed in as 1 slot for lottery purposes.  If both roommates are present, each will be given a slot.    In this example, the list might look like this:

Lottery Form Sample

If a lottery is to be performed then an eligible member can only sign up themselves and their roommate. They can NOT be a proxy for another member. In a lottery, you cannot represent two members.

    A) In order to be eligible for the lottery for that trip you must.
    1. Sign before the trip opens at 7:30. No exceptions.
      • Do not be late and expect to get into the lottery.
      • You may have another person, a proxy; represent you if you are unable to be at the meeting. They MUST have all your membership info, payment, etc.
    2. Be a member of the Club, not an applicant.
    3. Have a completed trip form.
    4. The required deposit in cash or check.
    5. Your valid current membership card.
    6. Western trips need a clean copy of your driver’s license.
    7. Trips to locations outside of the US require a copy of a passport.  An Enhanced Driver’s License will work for land travel to Canada.  Please note: Canada does not allow persons with felonies or DUI convictions into Canada.
    B) If a lottery is declared the following process will determine who will be chosen to attend the trip.
    1. All eligible members will be entered into the lottery drawing.
    2. Numbers will be drawn and the associated name on the sign-in sheet will be offered the slot.
    3. That member then confirms they want to go on the trip.
    4. That Member’s roommate also wins a spot on the trip as long as they are a member of the Club, not an applicant.
      • The roommate also must confirm they want to go on the trip.
      • If the roommate declines then that spot remains open.
    5. The roommate’s name will then be taken out of the lottery pool for the trip.
    6. Next member’s number/name is drawn and steps 3, 4 & 5 are repeated.
    7. The drawing continues until the trip is filled.


Any member in the lottery that did not get onto the trip has the right of first refusal for the waiting list for this trip. Their names will be added to the wait list in the order of the sign-in sheet.


Additional lottery example-signing up for someone else.
Person #1 – John Smith
Person #2 – Bob Johnson (John Smith’s roommate)
Person #3 – Tom Jones (a friend of John Smith)
Person #4 – Julie Johnson (a friend of Bob Johnson)

Each person gets one sign-in entry.  On it they list their roommate if they have one.  John Smith signs in and lists Bob Johnson as his roommate.
In this example, Bob Johnson could not attend the meeting.  Julie Johnson may serve as a proxy who will sign-in as Bob Johnson.  He would list John Smith his roommate.
Bob Johnson's name is called.  His proxy signs up Bob Johnson and because John Smith is listed as his roommate, he will be signed up as well.  OR John Smith's name is called and he gets to sign up his roommate as well.
John Smith cannot sign-in for Tom Jones because Tom Jones is absent that day.  He can only sign up himself.  If his name is called, then he gets to sign up himself and his roommate Bob Johnson.  He cannot sign up Tom Jones.  Tom Jones needs another person to be his proxy for the lottery.