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To keep informed of the latest updates see us
Thursday night at the Polish Community Center and/or
check the for changes.

2016-2017 Ski Season

How to Join

On Page Links:

Signup for Weekend Buses

  • Contact the ocbus

  • There are NO email or phone sign-ups for the weekend bus
  • Bus fees can be prepaid at the meetings or paid online through PayPal at the web site
  • PayPal online sign up deadlines: (note that quantities may be limited each week)
    • Sunday & Monday bus - Friday at noon!!!!
    • Saturday (HH) Bus - ends Thursday at 12 noon
    • Friday Bus - ends Wednesday at 12 noon

  • Bring your Membership or Applicant card to the meetings and on the bus
  • The weekend bus table is open from 6:30pm-8:30pm, we will not take sign ups after 8:30pm


  • The PayPal 'add to cart' button allows you to pay for more than one person or bus trip.

  • Guests must be added to the cart separately from Members/Apps.

  • You can change the quantity for each in the PayPal cart.

  • The cart will open in a new window or tab.

  • Submit the cart when you are done.

We will also take sign ups on bus on the way home from the mountain. Please see General Info below.

Pickup Locations

    1st Pickup Location:

  • Crossgates Mall parking lot. Map

  • The parking area is located in between the traffic lights at the eastern end of the Mall
    It is ~ 20 yards from the light for the I-87 on ramp and a few feet before the turn that
    takes you over to Crossgates Commons

  • Bus leaves at 6:30am sharp; be there by 6:15am

    2nd Pickup Location: Be there by 6:45am

  • Exit 12 - Malta exit, east side of highway (Northway) in office park (Park n Ride MAP)

  • Troy Rte 7 - WalMart Plaza park in the Main parking lot in the center of the strip mall

General Info

We are getting ready for a great weekend ski season. Just look at the rates and great places we're going to. The new 2016-2017 schedule is posted on line or handouts at the PCC meetings

Please keep these thoughts in mind:

  • You must show your current OC membership card on the bus

  • To obtain a drive up rate at the mountain, you'll need your current OC membership card

  • Some of the drive up rates are different than the bus rates

  • The buses start driving away at 6:30 AM. Please be there at least 15 minutes early to board the bus.

  • Exact change is appreciated.

  • As was our policy last year, we will be happy to supply you with cold bottled water for the trip home.

  • Please bring a treat to share

  • Once you pay your bus fee, it is non-refundable and you cannot apply it to a different day

  • The time of the second pick up is 6:45 AM. It is just a stop. We don't wait.

  • Please be on time when leaving the mountain. The bus rolls out at 5 PM.
    Please leave enough time to board the bus before it leaves at 5PM

  • You cannot sign up via email or by phone.

  • To sign up, attend a Thursday evening meeting. You can sign up in advance at a meeting for any weekend alpine ski days for the season.


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